Best Makeup Tips You need to Know

Best Makeup Tips You need to Know Let’s face it ladies; we watch beauty bloggers and vloggers doing their thing all day long and we are always trying to copy them, but for some strange reasons, our work just never ends up looking as amazing as the pros. To be fair, makeup artists have dedicated their entire life to perfecting the craft, but it also seems as if they’re blessed with a little makeup magic. As an immature; its sounds really frustrating spending hours on doing makeup; and end up without seeing the expected results. However; we’re rolling back the curtain on some pro tricks that will serious take your makeup game to the next level. Give these simple hacks a try. You will surely be thankful to us. 1. Make Sure That Your Primer Complements Your Foundation. Whether its oil or water, your primer and foundation must always share the same base; otherwise, they are going to repel each other or will just slide off your face, making it a little difficult to blend. 2. Avoid Peach Fuzz. Always apply the foundation using downward strokes. Most people have a very thin layer of hair on the face, so applying...

10 anti-aging ingredients you want to incorporate into your skin care regimen

We all dream to look young forever, but it is a natural fact that we lose freshness and immunity as the time lapses. Your muscles and skin may not look the same at the age of forty or fifty as it was in your twenties or thirties. You cannot stop the process of getting old, but surely, you can make it slow by switching to an anti-aging regiment. Find a reliable salon and health studio nearest to your home, or office, or on a holiday destination and continue your skin care treatment. A beauty salon in Dubai has all the refreshing services you may need. Additionally, you can try making result proven regimen from some of these anti-aging ingredients. 1. Zinc Oxide A major factor in getting older is the ultraviolet rays that damage your facial skin. Zinc Oxide works exactly as a sunlight blocker to protect you from the harmful rays including the UVA, UVB, and UVC. It does don't absorb into your skin just like the other fairness creams do because it safeguards you from the radiation. 2. Retinol Retinol is effective for clearing skin wrinkles. With the perspective of healing the skin, retinol is considered a useful...

Balayage Hair Trends

Balayage is a 40 year old French technique which is limitless with the effects and desires from clients and colorists For this reason alone, Balayage will be never go out of style. It makes the hair stylist a true artist; painting on the client’s hair like a canvas. When pairing it with fashion, Balayage is unique. It will be different for each client. This technique is getting a lot of attention recently from upscale fashion and beauty magazines. We see them on celebrities hair for the red carpet at fashion and music awards, where the majority of the A-list wear all these hair coloring methods with pride and glamour.

2017 Ponytail

And finally, the Ponytail hairstyle that is so popular among girls and women of all ages and still continues to be trendy. Both simple and elegant styles are going to remain hot next season. Everything that you have worn this season will look just fantastic so never stop experimenting.

Wavy Hairstyle

-One trend is the wavy hairstyle. The trend of previous season was natural looking hairstyles and I should say that this trend is quite strong. Women stopped spending hours by the mirror styling hair. Natural beauty is more appreciated. Fuss-free mermaid waves. The more randomly placed and tousled the better!

Difference Between Balayage & Ombre

Ombre can be very subtle or very striking, while Balayage creates a natural, sun-kissed highlight for an ultra modern Ombre can be very subtle or very striking, while Balayage creates a natural, sun-kissed highlight for an ultra modern