Balayage & Ombre colours (the sun-kissed hair colour methods)

I have to say that balayage has become much more popular than ombre.

Ombre can be very subtle or very striking, while Balayage creates a natural, sun-kissed highlight for an ultra modern trendy effect.

If a person envies with nostalgia the hair colour and effect of a child’s variation of tones with beautiful highlights that seem to naturally appear through sunlight during summer time; Balayage would be the answer.

If the person prefers the look of a large new grown after summer vacation, the shadow effect of dark to light of the same child after not being exposed to the sun for a period of three months, then Ombre is the answer. Now, both looks may be achieved with colour methods and applications.

Balayage is a 40 year old French technique which is limitless with the effects and desires from clients and colorists For this reason alone, Balayage will be never go out of style. It makes the hair stylist a true artist; painting on the client’s hair like a canvas. When pairing it with fashion, Balayage is unique. It will be different for each client. This technique is getting a lot of attention recently from upscale fashion and beauty magazines. We see them on celebrities hair for the red carpet at fashion and music awards, where the majority of the A-list wear all these hair coloring methods with pride and glamour.

Ombre can be very subtle or like Balayage, ultra modern and trendy too. The desired look you want to have will depend on the method and level of lightness.

Both are the hottest hair trends for celebrity woman. Messy is the new sexy for woman when it comes to hairstyles. Some are calling them a lazy look, questioning whether some of these celebs are doing it on purpose, or just haven’t gone for a touch up yet. This begs the question, was this Hair trend an accident? Who knows, and who cares! What we do know is it’s hot, easy and here to stay.

Everyone loves Ombre & Balayage hairstyles. They are unique and fresh. They are quite casual and sassy. If you are considering a blonde style, but fear that it would not compliment your complexion, Ombre or Balayage hair colour styles are an excellent alternative.

· A Low-Maintenance Hairstyle Technique

· An Anti-Aging Hairstyle Technique

· Easy Way Out To Grow Out the Roots of the Hair

· Fun and On Trend

A little tip I found is with the right lipstick or lip gloss you can really compliment the highlights as well as bring out your lips and eyes in the process making them look bigger. So feel free to experiment with the right combination for you to achieve the best looking results.

There were so many amazing hairstyles that have become popular among celebrities, some that have survived previous seasons and they will remain in the list of trendy hairstyles.

-One trend is the wavy hairstyle. The trend of previous season was natural looking hairstyles and I should say that this trend is quite strong. Women stopped spending hours by the mirror styling hair. Natural beauty is more appreciated. Fuss-free mermaid waves. The more randomly placed and tousled the better!

-Next trend is the braided design. It will be included in the list of lifestyles.

-And finally, the Ponytail hairstyle that is so popular among girls and women of all ages and still continues to be trendy. Both simple and elegant styles are going to remain hot next season. Everything that you have worn this season will look just fantastic so never stop experimenting.