Best Nail Spa in Dubai

Rami Jabali is a state of the art salon in the nail spa Dubai industry.
The salon seeks to deliver a peace loving and satisfying nail salon service in Dubai; as well as the most promising place for nail treatments. Rami Jabali delivers affordable beauty care services with the top of the line quality standards.

Nail Services

Classic Essential Colors140 AED160 AED
French180 AED220 AED
Long Lasting Shellac Colors210 AED250 AED
Shellac French250 AED290 AED
Shellac Removal45 AED45 AED
Polish Change & Shape75 AED95 AED
Polish Change & Shape (French)110 AED130 AED

Nail Add-ons

Reflexology ~ 30 minutes225 AED
Head, neck and shoulders Massage ~ 30 mins225 AED

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