To maintain your RJ hair extensions in the best possible condition, it is important that you follow advice and procedures below.

~ Taking the time to care for your extensions will increase the duration of time you may wear the extensions. This will also protect your own hair.

~ It is beneficial to follow the correct advice and care for your lovely long hair.

Brushing and Combing

~ Sort through your RJ hair with your fingers from the roots to the ends on a daily basis.

~ Carefully brush your hair every day with our RJ Brush. Always hold on to the roots of your own hair while brushing. Avoid pulling on the hair extensions.

~ Brush your hair either while you are taking a shower, when your hair has conditioner or a mask on it, after using a moisturizing Leave in spray and after drying your hair completely. It is not recommended to comb through the hair until your hair is 100 % dry. Be gentle and avoid pulling on the roots.

~ Do not back comb or pull on hair roots when brushing.

Recommended hair care products to use:

~ Since your RJ hair is not connected to your scalp, it does not receive the natural conditioning nutrients as your own hair. Using hair care products regularly will specifically address the absence of natural conditioners and are formulated to meet the conditioning needs of human hair creations. If used regularly, your RJ hair will keep its optimal shine, elasticity and depth of color. Your stylist will inform you about the right combination of products for your hair type.

~ AVOID products that contain ALCOHOL like dry shampoo as it may cause tapes to peel and keratin to melt.


~ Before shampooing, brush the strands well with our Rj Brush

~ Then rinse the hair and shampoo starting from the roots to the ends.

~ Do not rub or scratch.

~ Finally, rinse the hair thoroughly from top to bottom.

~ After washing, sort through the hair and bonding points with your fingers.

Care Treatments for length and ends:

~Long hair needs extra care for its length and ends. Improper hair care can lead to dry hair and split ends. Using high quality conditions, masks, moisturizing Leave in spray on regular basis will helps to prevent split ends.

A- Using Conditioners and treatmenafter shampooing will provide the hair with valuable care nutrients, smooth the hair surface and ensure maximum elasticity and resilience.


~ Apply the Care treatment and distribute evenly and gently from top to bottom.

~ Do not rub or scratch.~ Leave on for about 5 minutes – extend the Leave in time up to 20 minutes as needed.

~ Rinse thoroughly.

B- Using a moisturizing leave in spray will neutralize the PH-level of the water thatremains in the hair from washing. It allows the cuticle layer of your hair to close up, leaving your hair with a radiant and silky shine. Hair will feel stronger and healthier.


~ After the last rinse, shake well, spray evenly over towel-dried hair and immediately comb or brush through.

~ Do not rinse.

Blow Drying & Styling

~ After washing, carefully towel dry hair without rubbing.

~ Blow-dry the bonded areas first and then the hair.

CAUTION:Extreme heat can damage and dry out your RJ hair.

~ Always use a heat protecting spray for protection from mid length to ends only, especially when using hot tools such as a curling or flat iron, to keep extensions soft and smooth. Please ensure that excess heat is kept away from the sealed/bonded areas.

~ When blow drying your hair extensions with the brush, please make sure that the hair length and ends are dried properly.

~ Do not blow intense heat directly onto the bonded points as they may loosen and slip

Color, Highlights & Perms:

~ Chemical processes such as coloring, highlighting or perming can change the structure and surface of your hair, thus damaging it. A certified hairdresser and/or salon hair extension expert must only do such processes.

~ Do not bleach or harshly dye extensions.

Sleep & Excerise

~ Always tie your hair together in a low ponytail or put it in a braid before you go to sleep or exercise in order to prevent your RJ Hair from matting and tangling.

~ Do not sleep with wet hair.


~ Swimming can cause stickiness. Always protect your RJ Hair from salt water and pool water by applying a leave in conditioner or mask before swimming. Tie your hair in a low ponytail or put it in a braid. Use a swimming cap if you can.

~ After swimming, open your hair, carefully sort through it with your fingers and dry the bonded points with a towel.

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~ Before installations make sure your hair is clean and tangle free.

~ AVOID products that contain ALCOHAL like dry shampoo as it may cause tapes to peel and keratin to melt.

~ Come back every 6 to 8 weeks for your maintenance appointment to prevent hair from matting. This will depend on how quickly your hair grows.

~ Trim your hair regularly to keep ends healthy and smooth.

~ Hair extension removal must be done by a professional, andat the salon they will apply a liquid to remove your Tape-in Hair extensions that has a mix of ALCOHAL & ALMOND OIL.Then they will use only a pure almond oil to clean any left over substance from the hair.

~ After several times of maintenance you may notice that your hair extensions may thin a little bit. It is normal to have some hair loss from your extensions or a few beads slip.

~ You may ask your hairdresser to attach your RJ Hair extensions 3mm away from you scalp to avoid any discomfort that may happen within the first few days.

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~ Why RJ Hair Extensions are Different from Other Brands ?

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