Best Hair Extensions in Dubai

Tape-in Hair Extensions ~ Double-tape Extensions

This new method of attaching hair extension has brought revolutionary changes to the hair extension world!


1-Application is quick, takes less than half an hour to finish full head off extensions.

2- Hair is reusable: up to 3 ~ 4 times. It will last for over 6 months with proper care and maintenance. This is why this method has been so popular.

3- 100% cuticle Human Remy Hair and long lasting with its waterproof tape.

4-Virtually invisible, adds volume, length and fantasy instantly.

5- Available lengths from 19 to 23 inches and in 45 different colors.

6- Hair Extensions are made with a multi-tone coloring technique in every color. When you choose your set, even if your hair color is slightly different, they will blend amazingly and still look so natural.

7- They are extremely flat on the top part, flexible, durable and conform perfectly to the clients head; allowing for the highest comfort and natural fall of the hair for the most essential looking style.

Why our Tape-in Hair Extensions are Different from other Brands and the safest on your hair:

~The amount of hair in every strand is almost double when comparing with any other brand you have ever used.
~This will allow for you to use less quantity of extensions and achieve better overall thickness.
~ Therefore 98% of your hair will be free of hair extensions; which will help your hair to maintain its healthy and safe quality.
~ Our hair maintains the same thickness from top to ends, while other brands get so thin and empty from the middle of the hair onwards.
The purpose of having hair extensions is for thickness and longer ends; so there is no need to waste your money on other brands that do not serve you.


Clip-on Extensions:

Clip-on hair extensions are the perfect are the easiest and quickest method to add length, volume, highlights and/or Balayage. The application is easy. Simply clip the hair extensions underneath your natural hair by using clips. Natural, healthy, flowing, sexy long hair can be yours just as you have always dreamed of.


1. Top Quality 100% Human cuticle Remy hair.

2. Will last for over a year with proper care and application.

3. Over 21 natural colors and 15 blonde shades.


Free Consultation:

Approximate Prices For Hair Extensions

For fine hair and/or add subtle volume 2200 AED & UP
For medium hair to subtle thick hair 2800 AED &UP
For thick hair to extra thick hair 3400 AED & UP
Maintenance For Tape-in Hair Extensions
35 AED For each double
The Magic on Our Client
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