Difference Between Keratin and Protein Hair Treatment

keratin treatment
Looking for a service that will allow you to transform your unruly tresses and curls into a well-tamed, luscious head of hair? The answer to your problems is a professional smoothing treatment in a hair salon if you are tired of constantly trying to manage frizz and flyaways. Our goal is to make the process of choosing between a keratin treatment and a regular smoothing hair treatment as easy as possible for you. Find out why you should choose one over the other by following the link below. In general, a keratin treatment is a type of protein treatment, while protein treatment is a type of keratin treatment. The hair and nails are comprised of keratin, which is an essential protein. It is very easy for hair to become damaged due to exposure to sunlight, heat, and various products that we use. You can strengthen and make manageable your hair, make it shiny and manageable, and prevent hair damage with both keratin and protein treatments.

Introduction To Protein Treatment

Protein treatments strengthen, hydrate, and repair hair at the same time and contribute to strengthening and repairing it at the same time. Our hair is subject to damage every day, even with activities such as swimming. The main cause of hair damage is being exposed to the sun and heat, various products, and using styling products too often. Consequently, this damage can result in the loss of protein, which in turn results in split ends, dry ends, roughness, and fizziness. The protein treatment helps to restore the protein content in the hair and helps to add shine to the hair while preventing hair loss and breakage. Based on the texture of your hair, you will have to decide whether to use a protein treatment or not. It is recommended that if your hair feels rough or dry, then you go for a protein treatment for your hair. At a hair salon or at home, you can have a protein treatment to get the hair you want to be nourished. It is possible to treat your hair at home in two different ways: you can either buy a product that contains protein or you can create your own homemade protein treatment at home. But if you want to stay in the safe hands of an expert you can book an appointment with Rami Jabali. It is considered one of the best Hair Treatment services providers in Dubai.  

Introduction To Keratin Treatment

It is a chemical method of straightening the hair that consists of the application of keratin. A protein treatment is what it’s actually called (keratin is a type of protein that is found in hair, nails, and skin). Keratin treatments can be used not only to straighten hair, but also to make it shiny, and reduce frizz as well.  In essence, keratin treatments work by supplying hair follicles with keratin, which is an essential hair protein. When you go to the hair salon, your stylist will first shampoo your hair. Afterward, the hairdresser will blow dry your hair and apply the keratin treatment to it. You may also receive the treatment when your hair is wet. However, this will very much depend on the stylist and how your hair reacts to the treatment. Depending on the texture, length, and volume of your hair, as well as the product you are using, keratin treatments take varying amounts of time to complete. A heat-activated keratin treatment begins when the head of the hair is heated. A keratin treatment can last anywhere from a few weeks to a few months depending on the results.

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